The Popularity of Organic Lifestyles

Producers such as Eden Foods, reported an increase in sales of organic products since the pandemic began. Others, such as General Mills, also saw a jump in organic product sales.

A focus on health and wellness overall has made going organic more popular than ever. And while the organic food market has been steadily growing since 2008, it has accelerated in recent years. Organic sales hit a record $57.5 billion in 2021.

Organic shopping has gone mainstream, and below, Eden Foods reviews why.

More Awareness and Availability

With more organic products incorporated into traditional and specialized grocery stores, more people are seeking out information on their benefits.

Despite costing an average of 20% more than non-organics, organic foods are seen as a vital part of a healthy diet since they avoid pesticides as well as potentially harmful preservatives.

A basic part of rising organic popularity is that it has become a common sight on the shelves, with 88% of organic sales coming from conventional supermarkets.

Environmental Concerns

As the climate crisis continues, many see organic foods as part of the solution. In general, organic produce comes from healthier soil not damaged by synthetic fertilizers that contaminate the earth.

High-quality soil contributes heavily to cleaner water, fresher air, and more diverse landscapes and wildlife. Organic products also require less energy during production and maintain much of their biological quality even when stored for a long time.

The bottom line is that anything organic does not contribute to pollution and since 30% of all landfill waste now includes organic waste, the earth’s soil is becoming more enriched and healthier.

It’s also a comparatively affordable way to help the environment.

Eden Foods reviews

Willingness to Pay More

Though most organic food is sold in mainstream big-box stores and grocery chains, they maintain the same high price tag they had when contained solely in health-food stores. That seems to be OK to consumers, who research suggests are fine with paying a bit more if there are health benefits for them and their families.

Perceived Better Taste

Especially when it comes to produce, people are looking for fresh taste and long-lasting flavor. Organic tomatoes, lettuce, and fruit are seen as being a better fit for a healthy lifestyle, especially if they are GMO-free and are “clean.”

That’s what also drives people to eat more locally, and many local farms specialize in organic produce.

It Supports the Health of Farmers

Agrochemicals are increasingly shown to have a negative impact on the health of farmers, with conditions ranging from skin issues to even some cancers.

And while organic farming is an expensive process, consumers demanding organic products help support farmers committed to healthy lifestyles and protecting the planet for the long term.

Eden Foods Reviews
Eden Foods Reviews