An Emphasis on Whole Grains for Overall Health and Wellness

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Whole grains — grains free from synthetic genetic change like wild rice, millet, buckwheat, rye, amaranth, einkorn, barley, emmer, and more — are largely forgotten in modern times. Today’s food industry is monopolized by hybrid corn and wheat crops. But Eden Foods reviews that ancient grains are far more delicious, strengthening, and nutritious.

Whole grains are at the heart of human nourishment. Unfortunately, they’ve been ignored as food tycoons wrestle for easy profits with synthetically altered varieties.

As a society, people have forgotten to prioritize health.

Whole Grains vs Refined Grains

Most whole grains are free from gluten. And even those containing gluten are more easily digestible and water-soluble. They’re a complete, optimally balanced food containing perfect nutrient amounts.
During the manufacturing process of refined grains, most of the nourishment is removed and fed to animals, leaving people to feast on the empty carbohydrates.

Commercially, even “whole grains” go through a complete disassembly-reassembly process in today’s world! The result? Deviations from the original grain that do not provide the nutrients needed by humans yet products that are still accepted as “whole grain” on the shelves.

The Global Deterioration of Whole Grains

Worldwide, dietary deficiencies have caused the ever-growing epidemic of health concerns. And the experts at Eden Foods believe it’s primarily to do with the commercial deterioration of whole grains.
Following a plethora of studies, the U.S. government and medical establishments are finally realizing the irrefutable role that true whole grains play in health improvements and maintenance.

Researchers at USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University found whole grains regulate blood sugar, minimize feelings of hunger, and aid weight control.

Three or more servings of whole grains daily can decrease people’s chances of suffering from metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by high blood pressure, ineffective blood sugar, high blood fats, low HDL cholesterol, and abdominal weight gain.

Every reputable dietary and food-focused organization understands the benefits of whole grains, including the FDA and USDA’s Dietary Guidelines!

And luckily, as time goes on, more people are becoming increasingly conscious about their mental wellness and physical health, sparking a move back to whole grains and organic, plant-based diets. However, people are finding it hard to do that as industrial titans continue to thwart societal efforts.

Eden Foods reviews

Revitalizing the Market Through Whole Grain Cereals and Flours

Thankfully, Eden Foods is beginning to gain traction through its continued advocacy for genuine whole grains. The company works tirelessly to provide real, organic whole grains, cereals, and flours that taste great and come from sustainable, local sources.

By ensuring optimum nutrition in every product, they’re giving customers the phytonutrients their bodies need, such as:

  • Fatty acids
  • Polyphenols
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • B vitamins

Eden’s whole grains and cereals are satisfying, filling, yet complete and nutritional meals perfect for bread dough, stews, vegetables, casseroles, and more.

The organic food company’s commitment to human health instead of outrageous profit margins is the mindset shift necessary to restore humanity’s nutrition.

Eden Foods Reviews
Eden Foods Reviews