The Increasing Demand for Organic Food

Organic foods are an essential choice for a healthy lifestyle. With the demand for organic foods increasing every day, are we about to have even more choice in our organic menu?

According to a recent study, the total revenue expectation for the organic food market is set to reach nearly $500 billion by 2030. That’s more than a 12% compound increase year over year. These numbers are a direct result of the increased popularity of the vegan diet as well as enhanced knowledge of the health benefits associated with organic foods.

There’s no doubt that organic foods are more in demand now than ever before. Below, Eden Foods explains more on why people want organic food and just how much the market has grown – and will continue to grow – because of those benefits.

Why More People Want Organic Food

There are a few factors to explore when looking at the increased demand for organic foods. The primary driving forces behind the expanding organic food market are the vegan diet, or plant-based diet, with health consciousness coming in a close second. Concern for the environment is also a common theme.

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet prioritizes organic, plant-based alternatives to the standard meat and dairy products we consume. Since those following this diet rely heavily on fruits and vegetables and are invested in a healthier lifestyle, they typically also demand organic products.

Health Consciousness

More generally, organic foods are becoming more popular as the general public learns more about the dangers of chemically produced food. Since organic foods are made without any preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers, it is safer and healthier for the body.

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Environmental Concerns

Many people who choose organic products over non-organic options do so out of concern for the environment. Many of the chemicals used in modern farming practices are harmful to the soil, groundwater, and wildlife. Beyond this, organic farming practices improve the biodiversity of the land, which only serves to protect our farming future.

The Demand for Organic Food Increasing Rapidly

The demand for organic food is increasing exponentially. The market is projected to increase by 278% from 2021 to 2030 according to a new study. From 2021 to 2022 alone, the global organic food market saw an annual increase of 14% according to another report. Further, with the demand for organic plant-based products increasing fivefold over the next 8 years, this trend is sure to continue.

In fact, the increased sale of organic foods in grocery stores across North America is now threatening smaller wellness shops. This is because supermarkets offer a much wider variety of organic food options compared to ten years ago, and they’re usually more affordable.

Final Thoughts

The overarching trend here is that people want to lead healthier lives, and this directly translates to consuming healthier, safer, organic food products. On a broader scale, things like improved living standards, increasing salaries, and significant advertisement and campaigning for organic lifestyles also contribute to a higher demand.

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